Impact of going Viral


The Impact of utilizing viral marketing strategies could be huge. With users demanding material faster than it can be made, it is a strategy that could quickly elevate your business. However, going “viral” is a trial and error process more than a luck process. In our final blog in this series, we are going to discuss the potential impact if you have a successful viral marketing campaign.

Not only does this form of marketing usually cost much less than other strategies, it also promotes fast growth of your company. Lowering overhead and producing results is a win win situation for most small businesses.  Viral Campaigns can also increase your audience size with each campaign, increasing your reach quickly will inevitably result in a higher conversion. Remember, your not the first company to run this type of campaign. Observe what others have done to be successful, but do not copy them.  This is where your creativity will come into play.

One common mistake that some small business owners make is not being prepared for the impact of Viral marketing. Utilizing this strategy will increase you chances of being mentioned by a celebrity or even on the news. Imagine if your business were brought up on a morning talk show. Not only does your company get that free advertising on a national network, this builds instant credibility! Having thousands of people following you on social media looks good on your business! Without credibility online, the chances are not many people will do business with you!

The potential impact of utilizing viral marketing strategies for your business can be very rewarding. This strategy can also be very trying as it is a trial and error process to determine what your target audience will respond to. If you take the time and study many online sources, creating these campaigns can be fun and entertaining to others. Remember, this content will either make users run from your business or share with their friends. Its important that you keep this in mind when you create your content. This strategy is not for everyone, and if it does not align with your company’s goals, then it may not be right for you! Don’t force it, be natural. If you start getting frustrated take a break! Creating your best e-commerce solution will not come over night and the profits will not come over night either.



Spreading your message


If you have decided to use viral strategies to market your business you will need to get an idea of spreading the word. Utilizing this strategy brings unique challenges that your creativity will help to conquer.  By utilizing this word of mouth method your relying on others to help spread the news about your sale or new business.  The content that you put out has to have qualities and uniqueness to be eye catching.  If it looks like the rest, you will be ignored. Today we will look at different strategies that people use to take their message viral.

First, most successful viral campaigns do not rely on a single platform to get them to their goal.  With so many platforms out there for you to use today, you have plenty of choices. However, you definitely want to utilize sources that have high daily user averages for multiple reasons. The most obvious of those reason is the fact that the more platforms your market across, the greater your success rate could be. So, do not limit your business to the big 3 or 4 social media platforms, however, make sure to take full advantage of the potential that they could bring your business.

Another aspect that has been proven is user engagement. By allowing and even encouraging your users to comment on your page, product, or promotion, you are opening up an invitation for both good and bad responses. Do not expect 100% of users to like your offerings. However, it is more likely to be looked at if others have the ability to comment and share. Letting them engage will also give you the ability to adjust future campaigns to ensure that you are hitting your target goals.

When creating your viral marketing strategies it is also important to consider the length of your message. I would say the most important part of your message is in the first 4 seconds, or at least that is for me. If it isn’t crisp or the message seems to be to involved, I usually go to the next video or picture. Have you ever heard the quote “less is more”, sometimes that is the reality!

Regardless of taking your message to the market, it is important to remember that you cannot expect to hit a home run the first time or even every time you run a campaign. Getting your client to engage on multiple platforms will increase visitors to your site and your platforms! Utilize the information that you can gather from your users to optimize your campaigns as well!

In our next blog we will continue on with viral marketing strategies wrapping up a three part series.




Viral Strategies Examined


With millions of posts and shares every single day, creating a viral campaign for your business may not be the easiest thing for a new comer to the e-commerce world. That doesn’t mean that it is an impossible task, and the companies that are successful with this strategy see results. Today we will dive into what Viral Marketing is to help you make a better decision for your business. This is part 1 of a series of blogs to help you get a better idea of what and how viral marketing works.

Starting with the basics, the term Viral marketing refers to when a post you have gets shared and liked my a ton of people. Thinking along those lines there are a few strategies to use when creating your content.  Creating content not for yourself to enjoy, but for others to look at and enjoy. This is often done by utilizing emotions. People like to be inspired for example, if you post inspires someone it is likely to be shared. That is common sense ,however, most of this will be common sense. Other emotions that are commonly used is the element of happiness or joy. This is often achieved with a meme of a cute cat or dog. Another common Strategy is to teach people something, have you ever been on Facebook and watched a cooking video? By using this and then simply monetizing your Facebook page you give customers the option of buying directly off the platform without ever having to leave.

There are different programs out there to help you create these memes, so it really depends on your creativity. Look at examples of other viral marketing campaigns that have been successful, do not copy their work as it will not be unique, but do get inspiration as it will help you to condense time frames.  Being a small business owner with a limited budget can be challenging, however, creating even 1 viral marketing for your business will create a budget for future viral marketing strategies being implemented for your business if properly conducted.

Over the next few blog posts we will dissect Viral Marketing strategies piece by piece to get a full understanding of what it takes to create and if it is a strategy that you want to use now or in the future.



Planning to Win



A business with no plan is like a ship with no GPS, its going somewhere, but no one is completely sure.  Business plans make your business measurable, meaning it gives you the ability to show improvement or declines. Creating a business plan is not very difficult if you are passionate about your business, it takes a little time and some thinking.

Some things to consider when putting this plan together are your goals for your business.  Your business goals should not be taken lightly, and should be written down and reviewed often. These goals should be shared with everyone involved with achieving them. If you have a webmaster or coach it is helpful if they know your goals as well, this will help them to position you for the type of strategies needed to achieve them.

Goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed. Your business goals should pass these tests. If you cannot answer these questions from your written goals, you should revise them. Saying you want to make a lot of money, that’s not specific for example or making $1 billion in your first 6 months, may not really be attainable.  These standards are there for goal setting to help you achieve exactly what you want.   It is your business, and it should achieve exactly what you want it to!

Creating the best e-commerce solution for your business can be challenging. However, by creating a plan, a road map per se, it makes that journey much more enjoyable and manageable for those who use it effectively. One of the biggest mistake most new business owners make is giving up too quickly. This map will help you along your way and if put together properly will keep your business on the high road avoiding pitfalls of many other companies. Not having it, well that will also guarantee a lot of guess work and frustrations!

Common Sense


So you have decided to start an online business. This is probably and exciting time in your life.  Like brick and mortar businesses there are a lot of moving parts when starting your business, however, one that is over looked the most is common sense.  Common Sense still prevails with online businesses or strategies used by online businesses.

When I say common sense, lets expose one of the most common fictitious stories we hear. Many of our clients have received calls from a 3rd party company claiming that they will get your business to the front page of search engines.  Indexing Specialist or some other title often accompanies these groups. What they state and what actually happens has always been far apart from the reality of every situation.  Can it happen? Absolutely, however managed SEO and Marketing campaigns can run into the $10,000 a month easily. Also, if they are building popularity around phrases that are searched 10 times a month, it’s not really all that beneficial for most businesses.

Common Sense in that situation would be: Everyone wants to be number 1 on search engines, its not that simple. Every small business that I have spoken with over the years did not become successful with someone else doing all the work.  When creating your best ecommerce solution or viral marketing strategies, its important for you to take ownership of your ideas and business. Make sure that you are in a niche that your actually interested in. Trending items can be brought to market through 3rd party integrations to have your product on the largest marketplaces in the world.

Remember, Knowledge changes situations. Do some research the next time you get a call regarding how to get to the top of a search engine. There is no easy way. Consistency on your strategies will take you a long way. However, like we have talked about before, mindset is the number 1 challenge that new business owners have.  A saying that motivated our team is don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

3 Keys to Momentum


It has been said that an object in motion tends to stay in motion.  Momentum is a great factor in most successful business’s.  It is also something that not many failing businesses have going for them in the right way. Momentum is a double edge sword, it works with you and doesn’t care if the results are positive or negative.

Momentum has been used to send people to space and I heard that phrase in many football games and Presidential races. So the question is how do I create momentum with my business? There are several factors and we will cover a few below.

  1. No one does it for you….The first key  to understand, No one is going to have the same impact on your business as you are. You are the Visionary for your company and the direction that its going to travel in. This direction can be managed through the use of written goals, which is also something that most successful businesses have. Success Leaves Clues! Look around!
  2. Once its started its hard to slow down…. The thing that is really great about momentum is once the object is moving, its going to keep moving. Your job as a business owner is not to constantly be stressed about getting the momentum started, but guiding it along the path that you decide is best for your company. Wrong decisions will be made, so don’t worry when you loose a little momentum. Just do not STOP.
  3. Trending Positive Momentum…Maintaining Positive Momentum really starts with you. If you have never owned a business with similar goals, then you should probably study.  The mindset of an entrepreneur and the grit that one must have to start a new business, is taught in many books and there are free videos and even study guides online. I recommend taking a trip to your local book store, picking up a book that will help you achieve and goal, this allows you to take notes in the book that way, and also provides a record to measure progress.

Momentum is something to learn to use in your favor. From Creating your Best e-commerce solution to   hitting life long goals, having momentum on your side is a game changing strategy that is going to help your business in the future.


The Holidays are Here

The time of the year is 5 days away. Many kids young and old will have a few new toys and some great life long memories.  The memories of an interaction is really what causes life long loyalty. Creating memories of your site is a very important aspect of a successful online business, as it will bring back repeat customers.

So how do you go about creating a website that creates memories? There are many strategies when it comes to how to create this, I believe that engagement is one of the best. Simply getting individuals to engage on your website. This can be done through many strategies from polls to contests, the options are endless it is more about how you put them together for your end user.

Many websites offer interactive features. Such as, Amazon who will funnel customers into prearranged non-typical categories.  During Christmas for example, they have a gift finder section. This feature allows you to pick ages and it will bring up appropriate content. I have found to be quite helpful with finding gifts for my 12 year old daughter.

The progression of your business depends on others. If a customer comes to your site and it is not easy to navigate or your social media icons do not work, both easy fixes, then they will probably not come back. If your pricing is too high- which is honestly one of the biggest issues we see- then you will not get return customers. Another common issue is finding the right supplier, I speak with clients every week that report they have supplier issues.  All of these challenges when not properly handled also create memories..bad memories. Have you ever been to a bad restaurant?  That is much easier to remember than all the good ones you have been to!

Creating your best e-commerce solution starts with you and understanding how to create the memories to bring back customers. Have fun with the ideas that you come up with, if your having fun, the client will hopefully be having fun as well!